Yizhuang House

Renovation project inside a terrace house at the surborvia of Beijing. The exist of the structural wall which separate the space, various increased floor requested, vague room whose usage purpose was very ambiguous. The key point is how to put these chaos in order.

There is the structural wall standing in the center of the plan, making the neck. It truly separates the space, but at the same time it is also the character of this space, then I noticed that the part of the visible area between the scene from one point and the scene from the opposite side was totally different.Next, these contradicting 2 spaces were characterized. One is a steady scene called “moon side” wrapped in wood, another is a bright and active scene called “sun side” painted in white.

Not to design the “room”, but to design the “scene” between the rooms. When the opposite 2 scenes are set on a diagonal, these 2 elements goes to melt each other and the whole space will be automatically designed by the mixture of  “moon and sun”.

City:Beijing, China
Program:weekend house



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