Floating Density

Research project about the contemporary Chinese urban dwelling. At first, we did a case-study about the apartment buildings all over the world, secondly researched about the dwelling near from Beijing. In researching dwelling in Beijing, we found out the problem of young lower-class people called “ant tribe”.

Those who had just graduated from school cannot get enough salary and become to live inside the high-density slum called “cheng-zhong-cun”, which means un-developed village in the city. In this area illegal extension has been constructed repeatedly, and 5 or 6 stories’ buildings are crowded without securing the interval between each buildings. Under this very inferior condition, they live inside a small room where sometimes several people are crowded, and the population density reaches as much as 1,500 persons/ha.

One of solutions is to make high-rise buildings. Floor area ratio is grown up by letting the buildings rise higher and higher, on the other hand vast outer space is secure at the foot of the buildings, which is the generic solution of modern architecture, but most important problem here is how the lower-crass people dwell with cheap money. They can’t pay rent for the room in high-rise building because its construction fee is much more expensive than the lower one.

Another one solution considered is low-rise and high-density buildings. When we count 1,500 persons/ha backwards, area for 1 person is 7㎡/person. If we suppose the minimum area needed for a one person is at least 20㎡,  we can make triplex room within this 7㎡. That is to say, population density as 1,500 persons/ha can be translated to all 3 stories’ building with 100% building coverage ratio.

Instead of having no windows on the outer wall, this low-rise high-density apartment has a roof window, and here they can possess their own ground. The platform which is made by continuous triplex units is lifted up by piloti. On the ground under the platform plants are grown, and they can take the fresh air which those plants emit into the room. The shape of the platform are gently waving as the sun light can enter deep inside the piloti and the ventilation becomes better.

Low-cost, Low-height and also high-density architecture.  Researching how people can live comfortable life under such severe conditions results in tracing the nature paradoxically.

City:Beijing, China
Program:Research about the contemporary dwelling



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