Longmen Buillding

It is a gate shaped office building in the new CBD area of Hebi city in Henan province. In front of the site, there is a very beautiful nature park existing. When we participate in this project, its foundation was already pilled so that the footprint of the architecture couldn’t be changed, and it should be also the shape of gate. Under this severe site situation, we had to make the symbolic architecture which is suitable for the new CBD.

The hint was the declination of the direction between the grid of foundation pile and the nature park. The top floors should be parallel to the park due to get the maximum view of the landscape, on the other hand, the plan of lower floors is limited to the grid of foundation pile. If this condition is directly applied to form the building, a very characteristic shape appeared. Those 2 towers stand twisting from low to high, and at the top they are connected each other continuing their own twist. Lower shopping area is stair-shaped so that customers can enjoy staying at the terrace viewing the landscape of the nature park.

In spite of its foundation were already piled, after considering what is needed at the site and how its potential should be developed, the new landscape building has been appeared.

City:Hebi, Henan province, China
Program:Office Buillding