iSpace Beijing Raffles

It is an Apple Authorized Reseller Shop in Beijing Raffles. The building itself is a modern architecture with dynamic volume, and the shop is surrounded by "complicated" and "concrete" objects such as slanting columns and triangle shaped glass windows. Under this situation, how to achieve the Apple’s “simple abstractness” is a problem.

At first, in order to soften the surrounding complicated environment, white aluminum louvers are installed. Only on the one-side of a louver is painted so that the whole louvers create the gradation from blue to red. On the ceiling, set the smoked finish acrylics sticks and make it emit light from inside due to screen the shutter frame works softly.

If we see from entrance, colorful gradation will lead us into deep inside the shop, on the other hand if we see from the opposite side it shows us the abstract white space. Furthermore, the existing complicated slanting columns and triangle shaped windows interfere each other with a louver, and makes a wonderful shade for every place. Space shows various expression by position, direction and time. Though it is a simple and abstract one room, this space is formed from various scenes.

City:Beijing, China
Photo:Misae Hiromatsu (Beijing Ruijing Photo)
Construction:Beijing Biaode Decoration Co.,Ltd
Completion:August, 2012



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