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Chengdu Creativity & Deseign Week

This project is a booth design for Chengdu Creativity & Design week 2014. Here are 2 exhibition areas. One is exhibition for the city equipment designed by Master designers, and the other is for the top 100 selected products in the world. The half of the total area is used for the each other.

The space for the “Chengdu, designed by Masters” is designed to simulate a cityscape. We set the crossroad in the center to represent a cityscape, and there 10 designs by masters are displayed. By futuristic designs being put inside the present situation, we can image what kind of environment will be served.

The other space for “selected product designs in the world ” is designed like the crystal appearing or disappearing on the edge of the Mountain surface. Assuming that the crystal as display shelves are buried inside a lump of volume, we cut out the visitors’ flow of Fibonacci curve from it. Display shelves are the complex of 300mm white boxes and part of them are made by mirror-finished stainless sheet. Visitors’ flow is guided by the mirror-finished stainless on the floor.

In this project, we aimed how to co-exist the different scale of display and that of visitors’ flow. The result is that the exposed crystal in the wall is twinkling along the curved path.

Client:Chengdu Government
Address:Chengdu, China
Program:Exhibition booth
Curation:Wang Hai Tao (Qingdian Cultural and Creative)
Photo:Zhao Bin 
Date:11/10/2014 - 13/10/2014