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ANZAS Dance Studio

In the midst of intense operation, a dancer said that he is maintaining the sense of balance with his being conscious of a floor, and only existence of a floor becomes important. That is, if it says a contrary, he does not need to be conscious anything but a floor.

When I imagined the space where only the ground spreads vastly and anything but the ground is ambiguous, the scene wrapped in mist has appeared in my mind. It is wrapped in the particles of deep depth and the ground underfoot melts into the uncertain side of existence. It was thought that just the scenery in mist was close to this space.

Deep colored tigerwood is used for the floor, and white painted plasterboard is used for the wall and ceiling other than the mirror so that the floor gets remarkable. To wrap the space softly, plasterboard is bent from the ceiling to the wall. The mirror is put on the whole wall. By painting a white ceramic paint in a dot gradation on the mirror, the effect that the floor merges far into the wall. About lighting, fluorescent ball lamp is set at random while changing the density according to the direction where the fog extends.

When it sets foot on the studio, an innumerable white particle wraps the body. The floor merges gradually into a deep boundary. Although the dance studio is mostly a dull space with only the mirror, by blurring everything but the floor without assuming its existence, a fantastic space has been created.

2010  JCD Design Award Gold Prize

Client:ANZAS Entertainment
City:Beijing, China
Program:dance lesson studio
Lighting:Masahide Kakudate
Photo:Misae Hiromatsu (Beijing Ruijing Photo)
Construction:Beijing Biaode Decoration Co.,Ltd
Completion:July, 2009